The core of Acrovinyasa is focused on synchronising breath in movement, building strength and finding balance.

Inspired by traditional yoga asanas and L-based acrobatic flying, this progressive yoga system includes both solo and partner practice. The aerial part revolves around one partner (the base) supporting the other (the flyer) in flying through the air in a sequenced series of yoga postures.

During foundation practice, you will learn to take the active role to make sure both the base and the aerial person remain safe and exercise proper yoga posture alignment.

Benefits of practising Acrovinyasa include increased strength, endurance and stamina while cultivating a strong and powerful sense of trust and reliance between both partners.

Intensity : Medium


Aerial Yoga uses a silk hammock that's suspended from the ceiling as a prop to support you through the various flows. The purpose of the hammock is to help you improve flexibility and build strength, while allowing you to do more challenging poses without added pressure on your shoulders, spine and head.

Intensity : Medium


Unwind and feel the fluidity of this flow-based yoga programme after a long day. It will take your mind off as you immense yourself into a smooth flow and enjoy the calmness of the journey.

Intensity : Low


Flex is a full body stretch class to improve range of motion, posture and mobility, which helps ward off injury. Suitable for all fitness levels, benefits of stretching include reduced muscle tension, enhanced muscular coordination, increased blood circulation & higher energy levels.

Hot Flex (conducted in heated room) promotes greater flexibility and blood circulation.

Intensity : Medium


A total-body stretching class which includes all major and minor muscle groups.

Yoga Stretch is designed to improve overall flexibility and balance. You can expect gentle stretching to enhance a greater range of movements.

Intensity : Low