A synergised combination of ballet-inspired exercises, Pilates workout and yoga moves. Barre is widely raved not only for its novelty but its effectiveness. It is known to provide a total body workout by strengthening your core, toning your muscles and improving your body alignment and posture.

Barre is suitable for all levels and offers a glimpse into the level of endurance that ballet training encompasses. It is particularly effective for those who wish to achieve body sculpting and muscle definition without adding bulk.

A typical Barre class begins with warm-ups to build postural strength and a series of upper body exercises, before progressing to Barre work which focuses on the core and lower body. It concludes with mat work and cool-off stretching exercises.

Regular Barre workouts can help reduce the risk of muscle injury and increase your bone density in the long term.

Intensity : Medium


Flexi Yoga is an intermediate level of yoga that focuses on stretching and improving your flexibility.

Intensity : Medium


Stretching in general helps to relieve muscle tension and elongate them. Free Stretching acts as a complement to high-impact and high-intensity workout, to help your muscles warm up if you do it before or cool down if you do it after. It increases your mobility and flexibility, creates better body alignment and muscular balance. Poses are held for a longer time and props may be used to help you go further into the stretch, such that you get a good long stretch for deep connective tissues.

Intensity : Medium


Hot Stretch is a total body stretching class for all major and minor muscle groups, designed to improve overall flexibility and balance. You can expect gentle stretching to enhance a greater range of movement.

Intensity : Medium


Power Yoga consists of a dynamic flow of asanas (postures) combined with powerful breathing exercises that work the body, breath and mind.

Burn calories through this cardiovascular exercise-focused yoga workout. Power Yoga also builds strength and endurance, resulting to a slimmer, stronger, toner and flexible body.

Intensity : High


Slow Flow is a reflective and mindful yoga practice that allows you to be present and focus on your movements and breathing. It helps you to be more intentional and refine and strengthen your poses and improve your mind-body connection.

Intensity : Low