Fitness Myth: To get flat abs or six-pack abs, do 100 crunches every day
The crunch is a classic abdominal exercise but only work on the top layer of superficial abdominal muscles that when worked out alone, do not sufficiently achieve visibly trim and ripped abs. The body can't be forced to lose fat in a particular area by exercising the muscles directly under that area. Therefore in addition to crunches, it is important to strengthen surrounding abdominal muscles that will pull in your middle, keeping the area looking flat and toned - similar to the effect of wearing a corset.

These are the deep core muscles that lie beneath the superficial ones: internal/external obliques (side abdominals), multifidis (back postural muscles behind your spine) and your transverse abdominis (the deepest abdominal muscle). Therefore, the abs needs to be worked out as a 360-degree core - hitting the sides, back and middle and not only top abdominal muscle layer.

The challenge often is that these hidden core muscles are rarely worked out and many do not know how to engage these muscles. For example, if you do crunches religiously but do not feel the right muscular resistance and fatigue when you perform crunches, you need a technique change as you are likely making mistakes in technique, rather than increasing reps or resistance. Core stability-based exercises are the most ideal for building and strengthening these deep abdominal muscles.  Doing these exercise with proper form, using slow, controlled motions, is an excellent way to maximize results.

Such abdominal core training should also be worked into an exercise routine that includes both cardio and weight training, which is supplemented by a nutritional calorie controlled diet. The evidence of a six-pack also depends on how much fat an individual has covering it, that affects whether their abdominal muscles are visible. Awareness of your diet is equally important in attaining washboard abs. The lower percentage of body fat an individual has, the higher the chance to train towards a visibly flat abdomen and slowly develop six pack abs.