Post Pregnancy Shape Up Tips
One of many women’s concerns is to shape up quickly after child birth. From saggy stomach, flabby thighs to weight loss, these are some problem areas which one will resort to quick and effective or sometimes extreme measures to get in shape to hopefully fit into your pre-pregnancy clothes.

However, the best method is perhaps to start slow and steady and set realistic fitness goals towards achieving your pre-pregnancy weight. Here’s some tips :

- Diet after Pregnancy
One of the most important to-do list is to ensure that the new mom gets ample rest and nutrition to keep your energy up and to ensure you have your breast milk flowing. Instead of deciding to diet, one should have a well-balanced & nutritious diet. Choose whole-grains, fruits, raw or steamed vegetables, balanced with more calcium and protein rich food items. Avoid high-fat, high sugar and high sodium content food.

To boost the body’s recovery process while strengthening the immune system, one can load up on their in-take of Vitamin C as well.

- Smaller Meal Portions
Another tip is to control the portion sizes of your meals. Instead of eating 3 big meals, it is advisable to spread the food intake to more frequent, smaller meals.

- Exercise after Pregnancy
It is always advisable to start with low impact work-outs when it comes to post-partum exercises. For those who have delivered via Caesarean, be sure to check with your gynaecologist for their medical clearance to start your exercise regime.

Options to start with light exercises include walking in the park, brisk walking or some modified push-ups at home. Increase the duration from a 12 minute workout and work your way up to 20 – 30 minutes daily. Alternatively, there are post natal yoga classes available, where it can help the uterus get back in place while strengthening core muscles that have been weakened by pregnancy.

Getting back in shape involves a combination of the above factors observed on a regular basis. What is important is not forgetting to enjoy the parenthood journey with your newborn!