5 Yoga Poses to Up Your Running Game
Contrary to popular belief, yoga and running complement each other. The right yoga poses can help you warm up for your routine jog to help you last longer and run better. Yoga also helps build strength and flexibility, and in turn reduce the risk of injury. So tie your laces, and prepare to up your running game with these yoga poses.

Warrior III
Strengthens legs, shoulders, and back muscles, while toning the abdomen. Helps build stamina.

Start with a forward fold, hands reaching out to your toes. Then, lift your left leg into a backwards lunge. Pull your abdomen straight, and place your hands on your knees. Then push your right thigh bone back as you gently lift your left leg. Balance your body; then bring your arms forward in a straight line. Take 3 breaths, and return to the lunge position. Repeat on the other side.

Butterfly/Cobbler Stretch
Opens the groin and hips, and stretches the back.
Sit straight on your mat and bring the soles of your feet together. Firmly grab on to your shins with your hands. Inhale as you keep your spine tall and roll your shoulders back. As you exhale, lean your body forward slowly, until you feel a stretch. Return to sitting position, and then repeat.

Upward-Facing Dog
Opens the hip flexors and stretches the whole front of body. Opens the chest and shoulder, which helps with breathing.
Start with lying on your front. Next, place your hands on your mat, in line with your lower ribs, wrists aligned under elbows. Straighten your legs, making sure the top of your feet are pressed down. Slowly straighten arms, pulling your chest upwards and lifting the fronts of your thighs and hips away from the oor. Take a few breaths, and roll back down.

Pyramid Pose
Stretches and strengthens the legs, particularly the hamstrings.
Start with bringing your right leg 3 steps forward from your left leg. Then, inhale while lifting your arms over your head. Exhaling, fold your upper body forward to reach your toes. Allow your body to sink and make sure that your forehead is faced down. If you cannot reach your legs, use a yoga block instead to support your hands, and keep your back straight. Take five breaths. Inhale as you rise to straighten your back.

Cow-Face Fold
Stretches the piriformis, a small, hard-to-stretch muscle deep in glutes, as well as your hips and IT band. The piriformis tends to become tight for runners.
From a seated position, bring your left foot behind your right hip; stack your right knee on top of your left, with your right foot behind your left hip. Grab your feet, and lean forward slightly. You can place your hands on the floor in front and lean forward to intensify the stretch. Switch legs and repeat.

Information credits: www.sparkpeople.com, www.yogabasics.com, www.runnersworld.com