16 super tips for your fitness resolutions
If you are one of the majority who makes fitness resolutions from a guilty conscience after a holiday season of overindulgence, chances are you will break them before the mid-year mark. Here are 16 quick and easy tips to create and keep to your fitness resolutions for 2016.

1. Make it specific and achievable. Instead of general goals such as "I want to lose weight", choose a more direct resolution like "I want to do an extra 15 minutes of cardio".

2. Be realistic about the resolution you set. If you are new to yoga, going straight into an advanced level posture is just setting yourself up for injury. Start small and gradually intensify your efforts.

3. Manage and measure your resolutions. Break it down to smaller accomplishments that add up to your end goal, such as taking 400 steps every half an hour instead of walking 5000 steps a day.

4. Ask yourself what is motivating you. A dream wedding gown? Your family? A more energetic and a happier self? Having relatable resolutions will help you stay focused and keep on track.

5. Shake it up with variety. Just running and weightlifting or only eating salads can quickly become boring, so experiment with new healthy recipes and other new types of workouts.

6. Seek support from experienced trainers and instructors. This way you have no excuses for trying something new and interesting, and they can also help improve your form and prevent injury.

7. Reward yourself when you achieve milestones in your resolution. Rewards can help to give you a better sense of accomplishment and boost confidence. Just make sure it doesn't undo your efforts!

8. Do it together with your partner, your BFF or even your family. They don't have to share the same resolutions, but you can support each other in achieving your respective goals.

9. Get creative in making your resolutions a daily habit. It's not all about hitting the gym and chomping celery. Try taking the stairs often, drink more water, and put veggies in every dish.

10. Take the tech route by connecting with a wide online fitness community to cheer you on. Fitness gadgets and apps are also great for tracking progress, setting challenges and achieving goals.

11. Review and update your resolutions regularly. As your fitness levels improve or your fitness priorities change, take your resolutions up a notch to reflect your progress.

12. Prioritise and focus on two to three resolutions at a time. Concentrating your energy helps you to avoid being overwhelmed by needing to do too many things at once.

13. Learn to adjust resolutions to the best of your capabilities. While you do need to push yourself to reach the next level in fitness, it shouldn't cause you severe injury or constant misery.

14. Invest in your resolutions to help you stick to them. The thought of wasting your gym subscription, your expensive workout gear or pricey health foods will surely keep you on track.

15.Trick yourself into good habits towards achieving your resolutions. Instead of strict rules like zero sweets for a year, limiting yourself to sweets only on special occasions is much more acceptable.

16. Have fun and be kind to yourself. Accept that setbacks are inevitable and everyone stumbles in their fitness journey. Just remember to pick yourself back up and don't stop trying.

Information Credits: www.greatist.com, www.lifehack.org