Working Out Together
Finding a workout buddy or a group of fellow fitness fans is good for your mind and body. Here’s some reasons why :

a) Motivation
You will become re-energized when you work out in a group compared to working out alone. One will also be more motivated to exercise to improve your current fitness levels & achieve your goals when you have your work-out buddies with you to spur you on.

Encouragement from an instructor or your workout buddies can be a key factor in keeping you on track. Those who exercise together train for longer periods, burn more calories and go to the gym more often.

b) Accountability
A work-out group can increase your accountability level as you are less likely to cancel your pre-arranged workout date with your team mates.

c) Group Camaraderie
There are many social benefits to work out as a group or with your friends. You laugh, you sweat, you work hard and in no time you'll be finished with your work-out routine and feeling ready to face the world! Your work-out could not be more fun!

d) Improved Mental Health
Sometimes just the act of getting together with a friend or a group to work-out can eliminate your stress; reduce your worries, as well as improving mental health. When you exercise with friends, you can support each other emotionally. Having fun working out with friends can also be a great mood enhancer.

At the same time, new friendships can be forged and many lasting fitness memories can be created.